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Become a certified coach, boost your confidence and elevate your management style. Build deep and lasting rapport and develop skills that lead to high impact conversations. ICT’s training prepares graduates to coach executives, businesses or individuals to successfully navigate change. This program is certified by The International Coach Federation (ICF). Infiniti Coaching provides a certificate of completion when you successfully complete the course. The program uses webinars, teleconferences and paired skill practice.

What can you expect from the training?

Some see limits. We see infinite possibilities. Some believe life and leadership to be a numbers game, where one may win or lose. We know it to be a game of infinity, where one continuously strives to reach new levels of success and fulfillment.

The trendsetting Infinity Coaching Training (ICT) program enables leaders to tap into their infinite capabilities to create positive, lasting change .

Human beings are not machines and leadership is not a spreadsheet, but many professionals get so stuck in doing the work they forego being connected with what really matters. Our rigorous, robust, revolutionary training program reveals the reservoir of infinity at the core essence of every individual.

Through 3 key ingredients including: a master facilitated experiential learning community, cutting edge tools, and DES: Decision Making Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and Galllup Strengths finder, ICT inspires the infinite you so that you can inspire your world, infinitely.

In an age of AI, Emotional Intelligence is paramount. In an era of perpetual movement, decision making prowess is essential. In a time of exquisite specialization, discovering ones strengths is fundamental.

Infinity Coaching Training exists to reveal and optimize your infinite human ability. Welcome to the successful, boundless you. Get 60 hours of training over twelve weeks via webinar & teleconference and paired skill practice throughout the learning.

Who is the infiniti coach training for?
Infiniti Coaching Training’s attracts business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, principals, higher education instructors, and other professionals, who are seeking to enhance their leadership skills.

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